Diving Compressor L&W 280E Compact

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Diving Compressor L&W 280E Compact

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LW 280E Compact :

Breathing air and Industrial air applications, ideal for diving schools and ships, and for applications where minimum extras are required due to logistical/expenditure factors. The compact construction makes the compressor ideal for applications with limited space.

Features :

  • Delivery rate: 280 l/min
  • Operating pressure: Max. 350 bar
  • Fully wired compressor ready to connect with star/delta start cycle
  • Steel base and fan belt guard, powder coated in RAL 6026
  • All pistons with piston rings
  • Low pressure oil pump
  • Oil/water separators after each stage
  • Safety valve for each stage
  • Breathing air purification in accordance with EN 12021, filter capacity 900 m_ at 20°C (approx. 55hrs.)
  • Pressure maintaining and non-return valve
  • 1 Filling hose and filling valve (max. 3 filling points and/or HP outlet)